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Getting Here

Travel arrangements:There are two choices for destination airports if you are flying. There is one in the USA at Spokane Wa.(GEG), and one in Canada at Castlegar, B.C.(YCG)

Spokane, Washington, USA(GEG): Spokane is an option for our American guests. Blaylock’s is approximately a 3 hour drive to the north. Spokane is serviced by the vast majority of the airlines in the USA.

Castlegar, B.C. Canada(YCG): Castlegar airport is approximately a one hour flight from both the international airports of Vancouver(YVR) and Calgary(YYC). The flight is only service by Air Canada. It is a spectacular trip with all the mountain peaks.

If you are driving it takes approximately 3hrs from Spokane, 7hrs from Seattle, 8 hrs from Vancouver and about 7 hrs from Calgary. If you have any questions just give us a call, Blaylock is very easy to find once you get to Nelson.

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